Wet and dry cleaning

Our equipment enables us to clean your carpets whether they require liquid detergent or dry powder detergent

Our hot and cold water extraction machine, together with the correct detergent is the latest technology and more than capable of doing the job. Similarly, our high powered vacuum cleaners and CRB's will tackle most dry cleaning jobs

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Carpet deodorising

If you would like your house to smell fresh and fragrant after we have cleaned your carpets, mention this to us and we'll give you some choices of deodorisers that will leave your house smelling clean and fresh

Carrying Cleaning Supplies
Stain Removal

The more information we have about any stains or spots you may have will help us in selecting the most effective detergent in cleaning the spot or stain.

We do have a variety of stain removers and removal methods available to assist in most problematic areas

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Upholstery Cleaning

We are trained to attend to most upholsteries, and will take great care in revitalising or even just freshening up your upholstery.

Our cleaning process is a rather complex but effective method for getting the best results. The machines we use are the latest the industry offers, which makes them very efficient and effective.

Vacuuming is the first step in the process, and our industrial strength twin motor vacuum cleaner does a really good job of extracting any loose dirt. We’ll then apply a pre spray to the carpet that is gentle enough for Axminster and Wilton carpets but equally strong on synthetics. We’ll then use the Renovator, with contra rotating brushes of various stiffness, to agitate the carpet and raise the pile. This also removes some of the stubborn dirt laying deeper in the carpet. Then we’ll use the water extraction machine (Airflex Storm Pro) with a rinse aid in the solution to leave your carpet in a stable state. Finally we’ll address any stubborn spots with a more specific stain remover and try to extract as much of the stain as possible.     

So whether you have Belgian Wilton’s or Tufted synthetic, Solution dyed or Piece dyed, need to revive or just want to refresh your carpets, there is a strong possibility we have a solution to your problem.

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Wet and dry Cleaning

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